3 Lessons learnt from working in the biggest shipping line

Always go to GEMBA especially in shipping

Before joining Maersk, I was not too worried about understanding the business. At Philips I was working for one of the most complex healthcare modalities (i.e. magnetic resonance) thus shipping didn’t scare me. They only move boxes from A to B. What can be complicated there?

Don’t use fancy HQ like lingo

You remember me mentioning that I used to work at Philips HQ? Philips is an amazing company, it’s so innovative, faces lots of disruption from new companies, thus plays in competitive markets . Naturally many people working there are engineers, highly educated masters or even PhDs. This means we are comfortable using the fancy lingo, which doesn’t really translate well to all other industries.

Always adjust your lingo to your target audience

“Thanks Agne.. By working with you I have finally change my opinion about Maersk Operating System (a bit..)”

You better be fast and agile

One thing which I have never missed at Philips is slow pace, especially in the healthcare business. It takes at least a few years to launch a new healthcare product, mostly due to various regulations, which of course makes sense.

Stay fast and agile



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Agne Nainyte

Agne Nainyte

Digital Transformation Consultant at Schuberg Philis and blogger at https://nainyte.com/