5 thought-provoking documentaries and series to consider

01. The Big Hack

A must watch not only for the ones interested in technology, but literally anyone somewhat concerned about the impact of technology on our future. This documentary gives a great insight on how companies like Facebook opened itself up to Cambridge Analytica, selling personal data to influence e.g. voters behavior.

Do you believe and support your company’s mission?

02. The Spy

An interesting series based on a true story about Israeli spy Eli Cohen working in Syria during the 60’s. Although many critique the series for inaccurate historic facts, I found it intriguing to observe the main character’s Eli Cohen (wonderfully portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen) personality.

03. Generation Wealth

What is it like to be extremely rich and famous? How happy are people who can afford (just about) everything in the world (e.g. plastic surgeries, surrogate mothers and immense yachts)?

Wealthy people are not rich people.

04. Bobby Robson

If you really want to understand tremendous power or true leadership, then you want to learn more about Bobby Robson. It’s just amazing how one person can truly transform groups of people to achieve the highest of highs.

Great leaders are ambitious, but people obsessed.

05. American Factory

A thoughtful documentary about Chinese company Fuyao opening its factory in Ohio State (USA) in a closed down General Motors plant. In the beginning of the story everyone is super excited because the Dayton (Ohio) citizens get new employment opportunities. Although, over time we see more and problems popping up. The plant isn’t profitable and didn’t meet the expectations of the Chinese investor who had good intentions.

We can never underestimate the cultural differences among us, so we need to keep learning about each other.



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Agne Nainyte

Agne Nainyte

Digital Transformation Consultant at Schuberg Philis and blogger at https://nainyte.com/