An encounter with an Ugandan tribe: the Karamoja

A tribe way of keeping goods refrigerated; a seal of cow dung.

A little bit of history

Karamoja is a region in north-east of Uganda which has only recently opened up to tourism. Although many are still reluctant to visit this region, as various travel guides are still saying that it’s unsafe. This was indeed true a few years back, because a tribal war was ongoing.

Inside Karamoja village

Meeting an authentic tribe

Somewhere deep in our heads we all have that image of Africa filled with different tribes. Yet, getting access to an authentic tribe is not that simple. With a little bit of research and effort it is however feasible.

Shepherds on mountain Moroto

No attention to foreigners

Another authenticity sign which I loved was how they didn’t pay attention to me. I mean it’s quite obvious that as a Western girl I get lots of attention and very often people take pictures with me. In the Karamoja village people seem to be simply living their life and when they see a foreigner, they greet you and that’s it.

Night at kraal

I guess it’s not really a new piece of information but I like adventures! Usually the tribe tour finishes with a visit at kraal after which you come back to a nice Kara-tunga guesthouse. I decided to experience the authenticity of the tribe to the max and spend a night with them. The evening started with the shepherds coming back with the animals, I had the honour to milk a few goats. I had a young helper who kept the goat’s leg still, ensuring I would not fail at this task.

Me milking the goat



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