Creating your superpower Avatar is all about getting to know the real you

Agne Nainyte
4 min readJun 1, 2020


  • I am preparing for a job interview. How should I present myself? What are they looking for?
  • Don’t prepare. Be yourself…

Many of us wear masks which we create by ourselves for different occasions. We believe that this is what others or ourselves would like to see and be perceived as. In some cases we get so used to wearing these masks that we almost lose track of who we really are.

Masks do help you to get what you want, but I question whether the practice is sustainable. Wearing a mask is tiring because you are always acting! You are always putting in extra effort to showcase behaviors which fit that character but are not necessarily natural to you.

Imagine a life where you don’t need to wear those masks and you can be yourself all the time. I guess it feels good and you are wondering how you could get there.

Create your superpower Avatar

If you look at the professional sports arena, you can barely see a player who is good at everything. Early on in their careers they pick a position where they are the strongest and continue developing that area. This is what gets the best results.

You, too, need to know the position which feels the most natural, rewarding and energizing to you. Then work hard to strengthen your superpowers instead of masking your weaknesses all the time. This will make you happier.

The problem is that many of us don’t know that position because we are currently somewhere else. Sometimes we have been there for so long that searching for the place where your true talents lie sounds very hard. Where to start?

You need to look around yourself in a different way, maybe even in a different setting and create your superpower Avatar! It’s like getting ready to play Pokemon where you are trying to prepare your character card.

Making Avatar cards and sharing among your team members is a great way to get to know each other, especially if you have a new team.

How do you create your superpower Avatar?

The process and content of your superpower Avatar card will probably never be the same for anyone, for we are all unique in our own ways. So create your own standard and visualize the card in a compelling and energizing way for you.

What is important is that your card is well-thought out and is continuously reviewed and adjusted where needed. Let me share my personal insights which can help your creative flow:

- Self-reflection. For a moment try to place yourself somewhere else where your current life issues are not present. Maybe it’s a small island where you have unlimited time to think and reflect on yourself. What drives you? What are your passions which don’t feel like WORK?

If you need more ideas on how to do a self-reflection, check out my previous post which has more tips.

- Focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses. Enhancing your existing strengths is way more efficient in getting to your goals than sweating hard to patch up your weaknesses. It’s true that you need to control your weaknesses but you don’t need to focus on them too much.

We are living in such a fast moving world that elaborating on your strengths will bring you faster to where you want to be.

- Communicate your values and beliefs openly. We all know that most human behaviors are like the tip of an iceberg which conceals the major part which is underwater — our values and beliefs. Judging behaviors without an understanding of values and beliefs is only superficial and always asking for trouble.

So try to avoid that potential trouble and don’t be afraid to share your underwater picture. Be open not only with yourself but also people around you.

Communicate to the outside world

After the mini research has shown you a vision of how your Avatar looks, visualize it in writing, or digitally, if you prefer. This will help you to crystallize the character even more.

Writing a short letter is often harder than writing a long one. It’s easy to end up with a powerpoint presentation about your Avatar card; but stay crisp! Write down only the key things and don’t forget to update them over time if needed.

Often when you finish your Avatar card it feels almost like an accomplishment because you have discovered so many new things about yourself. But sometimes those things seem very personal make you feel slightly hesitant about sharing it with others.

Remember that it’s better to be courageous than perfect! If you dare to openly communicate your Avatar card, it shows your personal maturity and wisdom. Most people will appreciate it as a sign of a strong self-aware character and, hopefully, will be inspired to reveal their Avatar cards, too.

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