Danish “Hygge” is a great idea to be happy

What does “Hygge” mean?

The word’s origin comes from the Norwegian language and means well-being. These days “Hygge” means so much more. Happiness Research Institute explains that it plays a strong role into why Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world for many years.

How to create Hygge in your life?

While everyone can interpret Hygge differently, Danes have their own way. It starts with light. Candles are mostly associated with Hygge and apparently Danes burn the highest number of candles per head in Europe.

My annual family summer holidays in Lithuania’s seaside are so Hygge.
A great book explaining Hygge lifestyle which is connected to Danes being the happiest people in the world.

Can we create Hygge environment in offices?

Of course! Candles, cakes, sofas are the natural attributes, but you could also think of creating a meditation or board game room. And, most important, respect the working hours of your employees. It’s pretty common to see empty offices at 4pm in Denmark, as everyone is heading home to have hygge time with their family.



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Agne Nainyte

Agne Nainyte

Digital Transformation Consultant at Schuberg Philis and blogger at https://nainyte.com/