Follow a great Leader to become one in the future

Great Leader has a vision and inspires

Have you ever met a person when you felt like following that person immediately? Think about that person more. How did he or she make you feel?

You know that your work matters because it supports an important vision.

Great Leader is people obsessed

Sometimes we have this view that we exist in companies to make our bosses happy, to do stuff for them which they asked us to do. I believe it is actually the other way around. They exist to help and support you when needed, because the actual work is usually done by you and not your boss.

Great leaders are interested in creating future leaders by unlocking your potential to become better every day.

Great Leader is bold

If you need to choose a colour to describe a great leader, I would struggle to answer this question. Although I would definitely say they are NOT grey. Great leaders stand out in their own unique way, which could probably be called charisma.

Great leaders are set to make a difference.

Great leader is a great coach

You are not perfect, neither your boss is — and most importantly — we all know it. They are humble creatures and don’t boast about their achievements each and every time. Everybody knows it anyway, so why bother expressing it?

Behind every successful team player, there is a strong coach.

Great leader is a team builder

It’s proven that the best results are achieved by teams, not individuals. Naturally successful leaders are always focused on building strong teams, which are usually diverse in thought, gender, culture and similar.

Great teams build on each other’s differences, not similarities.



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Agne Nainyte

Agne Nainyte

Digital Transformation Consultant at Schuberg Philis and blogger at