How do I help women in rural Uganda?

These would look so good on a dinning table for a ‘love themed’ dinner.

How do I help “Kasana Mothers Creation” women group?

They are currently making only recycled paper bead bracelets, which were mainly sold by two former volunteers from Integrated Villages. Even before my arrival I already knew that this type of business model is not sustainable and I challenged them.

“Uganda soil” bracelets from recycled paper beads.

How do I help “Luteete single mothers”?

As I have already noted in my previous post, each story is unique here. I still didn’t visit any of the homes in Luteete, but I sense it’s going to be worse from what I have seen so far. Most of them are single mothers; their income is so low that their kids are most likely not going to finish secondary school. I sense in Kasana women group, most families will manage to let their kids finish (an albeit low quality) secondary school.

Sturdy and beautiful fruit baskets made from banana leaves and decorated with re-used ribbon material from weddings.
Palm leaves tea coasters made by a single mother Saidat.
Clutch decorated with recycled magazine paper beads.



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