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Agne Nainyte
2 min readApr 6, 2019

Many of you ask me what I do in my free time in rural Uganda. Well, to be honest, I barely have any free time. The weekend concept is not really applicable in village life over here. Same goes for holidays. From Monday to Wednesday I work with Kasana women who make recycled paper beads whereas on Thursday and Saturday I dedicate my time to the single mothers in Luteete.

On Fridays I usually do other activities, such as visiting local schools or doing some work in Masaka to nurture business relationships with our partners. Sundays are working days with Godfrey from Integrated Villages. I see him only during weekends, so we usually have lots of things to catch up on. Oh, and lets not forget this blog!

But…in between I’ve managed to squeeze in a visit to join the local dance club. Oh boy, does this club know how to move!

That’s where I met Henry. He is originally from Kampala, but lives in Ttagga village together with his sister Emily. They both are employed by Pearl vocational center, which is an education institution. Henry teaches students how to play football and make hand-crafts, whereas Emily is the beauty expert who makes my beautiful African braids. Henry is also training our women on how to make handcrafts and to continuously improve its quality. Once he arrived in Ttagga village, he discovered a new hobby and talent. DANCE!

Dance moves in rural Uganda

Every day Henry invites local youth to train dance moves, dancing to the beat of Ugandan pop music. I joined them once too. It was fun, but I realized that dancing is not one of my forte’s. With some more time I might have been able to get a bit better at it, but as stated; time is scarce over here. Besides, I rather leave the dancing to the talented 😉

So, you won’t see me dancing. Instead I’d like to leave you with some more great moves by Henry and the other talents of the dance club. I promise you, it’s really entertaining! He learned the choreography by himself just by watching youtube videos. Enjoy!

Henry and his club members dancing to the beats

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