Meet Josephine from rural Uganda

Every story is unique! This is what I have already learnt after staying for almost two weeks in rural Uganda. Even though I constantly try to identify what the average income of a family living here is, it’s very difficult to get a clear view on this topic. Each family is unique with various influencing factors, such as whether they are a single mother, how much or if you have land, what you grow and even the impact of weather on the harvest.

Some factors though remain the same across all families. School fees are expensive and even for governmental ones you need to pay. Everyone has a farm here, although not everyone can afford to have animals.

To have a better idea on how people live, I would like you to meet Josephine. She is part of “Kasana Mothers Creation” women group, which is focused on making recycled paper beads. Her monthly income ranges anywhere from 10–23 euros depending whether it’s a good season for growing coffee beans. Unfortunately her husband is unemployed, so they solely rely on farming activities.The family is paying 18euros per semester on their children school fees.

I am strongly encouraging the women to diversify their business activities. Currently we are looking how we can start to grow more piglets or buy a sewing machine to start tailoring.

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