My entrance into rural Uganda touched me deeply

So, what does rural actually look like (from my personal perspective)?

On Saturday I met with “Kasana Mother’s Creation” women group. This time we couldn’t take “boda boda” (i.e. motorcycle taxi), instead we went by a car. We started driving along the highway until we took a sharp right. We entered a bumpy dirty road, less crowded, kids running around…it reminded me of those typical scenes portrayed in images released by the well known charity organizations.

It’s the numbers that made me cry.

I didn’t know at that point why those tears were falling, but now I am sure it was the numbers. The point is that they are not starving here. Actually quite the opposite. They have plenty to eat and they really struggle to understand why I consume such small portions during lunch or dinner time.

Local shop in rural Uganda which sells salt, oil, soap and only few other goodies.

I can see their excitement.

They are not starving but they are living in small houses with concrete floor, unpainted walls and cooking on stone stoves. Not everyone can even afford brick stoves to ensure bowls are steadily positioned while cooking. I cannot even think about kids running around those stoves. By the way, Integrated Villages is also working on helping them to build wood efficient stoves, though progress is slow as they have 0$ funding.

How can I really help them?

Meanwhile I am thinking how I can really help them. Who is going to buy the products they produce? Even if there is a buyer, how do you ship them to somewhere outside landlocked Uganda? Yes, they can probably reach European land in 30days, but who is going to wait so long? Even if someone made a bigger order, how can we sustain it? Lots of food for thought.



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